About Us

I started Always A Memory Jewelry in 2010 after experimenting with many different types of crafts and jewelry making. I have been a full time seller since quitting my day job in September of 2012. I love the freedom that I now have to see my family, travel and do things that I couldn't do while working for someone else. 

I settled on making hand stamped jewelry because I love the feeling of creating something meaningful and different each time I get an order! I started out with a very limited selection of designs but over time, with the purchase of supplies (mostly on Etsy), new tools, multiple fonts and over one hundred design stamps, it has morphed into the shop you see today!

I am always brainstorming new ideas and looking for inspiration. Almost every piece in my shop is made to order and can be customized for you. I love making things that will have special meaning to the person who receives them.